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3-A Tees and Crosses - Food, Dairy, and Beverage

Alfa Laval ensures that all angles are exact and all tube, bend, and tee connections are uniform so there is never a need to compensate for any welding irregularities. Alfa Laval's 304 and 316L tees and crosses are compliant with the 3-A sanitary standard. All surfaces are polished to 32 microinch Ra or better. Buy BioPharm 90° Elbow with Tangents Butt-Weld Elbows Butt weld 90° elbows are available in 316L stainless steel alloy. Product is ASME, 3A certified for sanitary-grade line process equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Outside diameter available from 1/2 inch all the way to 6 inches. Butt welding creates a permanent connection which cannot be easily cleaned in place.

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only difference between the two finishes is the degree of polish. These finishes are recommended where sanitary regulations dictate exclusion of the materials being handled from the welded surface. The type of finish is dependent on the application and/or industry. Special weld finishes do not apply to standard stock conveyor screws. FSMA Standards for Construction and Sanitary Welding of May 08, 2020 · Welds must be absolutely smoothed with no sharp edges or burrs either of which could catch and trap food material, leading to bacterial growth. In fact, FSMA standards repeatedly mention the dangers posed by areas that can serve to promote cross-contamination. Sanitary Fittings - Alfa LavalAlfa Laval offers a variety of tubing for all sanitary applications. It is available in a full line of sizes and finishes and is manufactured to stringent specifications for perfect matching with Tri-Weld fittings. Common source for fittings raw material and finishes tubing Compliant with ASME, BPE, ASTM A269/A270 and 3A, where applicable

Sanitary Tube Welding for Biopharmaceuticals and Food

Dec 01, 2020 · Sanitary tube:A sanitary tube is a tube with a size specification equal to its OD. Pipes, on the other hand, are measured in Nominal Pipe Size, which consists of a schedule number for different IDs. While tubes are also distinguishable by unique IDs, size is still measured according to the OD. Sanitary weld :A sanitary weld describes the Stainless steel weld finishing by the numbersJul 07, 2014 · In some stainless steel applications, weld grinding is required as one of the last steps for finishing. As the demand for stainless steel increases, welders and metal fabricators need to understand how to obtain the proper finish. Standard mill finishes usually are applied to flat-rolled stainless steel directly by the manufacturer. food grade welding ampweldingfabrication

    1. See full list on ampweldingfabricationThe Ultimate Guide to Bio - Sanitary FittingsBPE fittings are used for their cleanliness, consistent dimensions, and consistent tolerances. Equally important to which materials are used during the production process is how those materials are assembled. For most BPE installations, orbital welding is used to maintain a clean and consistent weld.

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      • Framework Should Be Sealed, Not BoltedInternal Angles and Corners Should Be RadiusedAll Burrs and Sharps Must Be EliminatedSurfaces Must Not Be OverstressedDissimilar Metals Should Not Be Welded TogetherLeveraging Stainless Steel Finishes on Sanitary EquipmentIn sanitary applications, stainless steel equipment requires a sanitary finish. The term sanitary finish in general refers to a smooth, scratch-free, non-corrosive finish. There are several mechanical and chemical finishes that can fulfill agency requirements for sani-tary specifications. In choosing the type of finish, it is important to understand the definitions and criteria for how finishes are designated.