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ACI presents findings for CFT column and RC slab test

Mar 13, 2019 · ACI says one CFT column-RC slab connection specimen was additionally reinforced by shear bands. Also, the overall seismic performance of the tested CFT column-RC slab connections and RC slab-column connections was evaluated. The CFT column-RC slab connections exhibited larger lateral strength and deformability as well as better flexural AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON VERTICAL LOAD coupled shear core walls with damper, CFT (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) columns, and flat plate slabs is one of the buildings having an ability of such demand. As floor load should be supported even in the large deformation at the CFT column-flat plate connection, it is required to avoid punching shear failure. To evaluate

Enhancing post-punching performance of flat plate-column

Flat plate structures are a type of reinforced concrete (RC) structures in which the floor is directly supported by the column. Flat plate-column joints in these structures are prone to brittle punching shear failure, resulting in their lower ductility and load resistance compared to frame structures. PUNCHING SHEAR BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS OF RC FLAT Keywords:punching shear strength, fiat floor slab-to-column connection, shear crack inclination angle, lateral flexural reinforcement, shear force to bending moment ratio, numerical analyses and computer modellmg methods I. Introduction In design of beamless flat floor slab-to-column con­ Punching Shear Strength Model for Reinforced Concrete Flat The punching shear strengths estimated by the proposed method agreed well with the test results regardless of key variables. The estimation presented the average and coefficient of variation (COV) of the ratio of calculated to tested strength equal to 1.023 and 17%, and the simplified model showed 0.993 and 15.9%, respectively.

Punching shear strength of RC flat slabs at interior

A method to evaluate the punching shear strength of reinforced concrete (RC) flat slabs without shear reinforcement at the connection to interior columns is proposed. The method is based on the assumption that the punching shear strength is controlled by the inclination of a unique punching shear crack that produces a conical failure surface. Seismic Performance of Concrete-Filled Tube Column Mar 01, 2019 · Structural steel sections, often called shearheads by the American Concrete Institute, were welded to the CFT columns as keys for vertical interface shear transfer as well as partial punching shear reinforcement for slab-column connections. One CFT column-RC slab connection specimen was additionally reinforced by shear bands. Structural performance of RC flat slabs connected to connection plate as well as the effect of the studs on the ultimate punching shear strength. In contrast with the limited studies carried out on flat slab-to-steel column assemblages, the behaviour of flat slab-to-RC column has been investigated in detail, for members with and without shear reinforcement.

Punching shear strength and post-punching behavior of CFT

Test results showed that the proposed connections can exhibit punching shear strength and connection stiffness exceeding those of RC flat plate counterparts. A semi-analytical procedure is presented to model the behavior of CFT column to RC flat plate connections.