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(PDF) Comparison study for various structural slab systems

Comparison study for various structural slab systems Table of contents 1.0 Objectives 2.0 Proposed Structural Slab Systems. 2.1 Beam and Slab Floor System 2.2 Ribbed (Waffle) Slab System 2.3 Flat Slab Floor System 2.4 Hollow core slab system 2.5 Post tension slab system 2.6 Voided slab system 2.7 Composite steel deck slab system 3.0 Slab system comparison 4.0 Conclusion 1.0 Objectives 360 State StreetHambro® Composite Floor Systems Girder-Slab Two-Way Flat Plate A variety of floor systems have been designed throughout 360 State Street. The base of the building consists of cast-in-place and post-tensioned slabs that were specifically designed to handle the heavy loads of an open air parking garage.

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The Combined Advantages of Structural Steel and Flat Plate Concrete The GIRDER-SLAB ® system offers low floor to floor heights, but also offers the speed Benson-GirderSlab » Benson SteelThe Combined Advantages of Structural Steel and Flat Plate Concrete. The GIRDER-SLAB ® system offers low floor to floor heights, but also offers the speed of steel erection and limited impact from weather. The GIRDER-SLAB ® system lends itself to being provided by a single source solution. Construction of Precast Filigran Slab at a Glance Apr 12, 2016 · 3.The production of the plate for the construction requires minimum formwork. 4.Simple and short construction period 5.Reduction on the amount of workers needed for the preparation of floor. 6.Filigran slab saves materials cost and labour charges for scaffolding and formwork. 7.Filigree slabs are light weighted and easy to handle and fix.

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The ceiling support is a steel girder (3) with local concrete part encased in concrete with the storey ceiling. To transfer bending movements between the girder and upright support (2) there is at least one tensile stressed reinforcement element (12) on one side anchored in the upright and guided through same into the adjoining ceiling girder, and on the other side embedded in the compound FAQs Girder-SlabThe GIRDER-SLAB ® system utilizes precast concrete slabs and steel components joined compositely by grout and steel reinforcing. Both precast and steel components have been used in seismic areas. The use of standard details allows the GIRDER-SLAB ® system to adapt to the high seismic environment. (Concrete topping and reinforcing is usually required.) STRUCTURE magazine From the Top DownThe settlement and tilt of the superstructure due to transfer girder deflection had to be controlled during construction. A custom boot made of 6½-inch-thick steel plates in a horseshoe shape was designed as the base of multiple columns just above the third-floor framing (Figure 4).The center of the boot created room for two hydraulic jacks while the sides allowed for steel shims to


The GIRDER-SLAB ® system. You design it. You fabricate it. You build it. The GIRDER-SLAB ® system. Low Floor to Floor Heights. with Structural Steel.